This feature is part of our Roadmap 2024. Please consider supporting our project.

We've identified couple shortcomings of rclone crypt which aren't present in Cryptomator. This is especially blocking us with secure encrypted sharing that we aim to deliver sooner than later.

We plan to integrate with Cryptomator cipher in a same way as we did with rclone crypt, and allow you to choose which cipher you would like to use.
At some point Cryptomator encryption scheme might end up being supported by Rclone itself which will make this ecosystem more interoperable.

Both encryption schemes have certain drawbacks that we would like to eliminate, we will be working with Cryptomator and Rclone community to mitigate these if possible.

Regardless of our future decisions, we plan to keep backward compatibility with existing implementations and provide clear migration paths if you feel you're ready to use advantages of new encryption schemes.

Expect more updates by the end of 2024.